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Tech Innovation
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Future of Wearables

Fashion and technology used to be strange bedfellows, but advances in embeddable computing technology allow designers to push the boundaries of fashion and change the future of wearables.

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Smart Gloves from ProGlove Let Your Fingers do the Talking
Wristify Designer Bracelet is Your Wearable Air Conditioner
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MUZSE: A Culture and Technology Innovation Program in NYC
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Functional Fashion Debuts at New York Fashion Week
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Bridging Meaningful Connections within the Internet of Things
Intel Bunny Suit: Revisiting Six Decades of Intel Fashion
Fashion and Technology – Are Wearables Making Strange Bedfellows?
Machina’s MIDI Jacket Turns Dance Moves into Sound, and You Can Win One
3D-Printed Dress Exposes Your Skin as You Share Online Data
Touching This Hoodie’s Sleeve Will Text Your Boss That You’re Running Late
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Tech Innovation
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Beating Health Fitness Data Overload
Staying Safe in Cyberspace
Tech Innovation
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