Bust Out Your Best Idea for Wearable Technology

Bust Out Your Best Idea for Wearable Technology

Wearable technology is not only reshaping where computing is going, it is redefining how many of us think about ourselves, our behaviors and the world around us. Google Glass, FitBit, Nike Fuel Band and the Jawbone Up have enticed many to try wearable tech for themselves, but there are so many other areas, such as fashion, child rearing and medicine, getting involved. This is where you join the party.

Rather than leave it up to others to decide where the next great wearable will be worn and what it will do, it’s time to take destiny by the hand. The Intel Make It Wearable challenge, first mentioned by Intel CEO Brian Krzanich earlier this year at CES is beckoning all dreamers, entrepreneurs, students, hobbyists, makers and professionals from all walks of life to share their vision for what wearables can do and mean to people’s lives.

Like us, maybe you see wearables as the next evolution of personal computing, where people will be able to create and use their own personal data to interact with their interests and world around them. If so, this is your chance to bring your ideas out to the world.

Creators taking part in the initial Visionary Tracks have a chance to win $5,000 in prize money that could be used to further develop their wearable concept.

Make It Wearable: Idea Submission – Visionary Track 

Boil your idea down to 200 words and submit a one-minute YouTube video describing your wearable concept. Dream big and explain succinctly. During the Visionary Track, your idea will be judged by three criteria:

  • How Innovative is Your Approach?
  • How Disruptive is Your Idea?
  • What is the extent of Positive Impact Your Idea May Have?

Contest details can be found at the Make It Wearable site.

While you’re there, stay tuned into the Wearable News section.

Meanwhile, check out this first, in a series of videos on what wearables will mean to our collective future.

Make It Wearable : Episode 1 – Human Communication


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