Finding The Best Video Content Using The Power Of The Social Graph

Finding The Best Video Content Using The Power Of The Social Graph

The Future of Entertainment series by iQ by Intel and PSFK Labs is highlighting the latest in entertainment innovation. Over the course of 10 weeks at, we are showcase new products, services and technologies, exploring the changing face of how we consume, share and create content and get reactions from Intel experts.

Social discovery platforms are gaining momentum and developers are creating better ways of spinning the straw of our social feeds into content recommendation gold. That is, new algorithms are able to make connections between the chatter on your social networks to entertainment experiences for you to consume. Will the future be full of nosy algorithms rummaging through your social leftovers to find what you should hear/watch next? Maybe not, but according to a recent report, “A majority now, and an increasingly significant portion of audiences in the future, will discover or watch video and TV content on social media platforms like YouTube, Facebook, and new mobile-focused social video apps like Vine.”

The trend Socially Curated Discovery, we’re turning our attention to a social video service that recommends streaming content based on what your friends like to watch.

Telly is a social video curation service with over 15 million monthly users that aims to simplify how users find and share video content online. Think of the service as the ultimate online video channel, playing all the videos your friends were formally watching. Available as a website and as an app on both iOS and Android platforms, Telly aggregates all the videos your friends are watching across the web in one location so you can easily discover new content that’s relevant to you.

When joining the service, you’re prompted to sign in via your Facebook account which allows Telly to access all your  friends’ profiles to see what content they are talking about. Users can then browse from a carousel-style menu which pulls content from their Facebook and Twitter feeds to present the videos people in their social networks are watching and talking about.

Because the brains behind Telly recognize that you don’t want to share cat videos with everybody in your social feed, they’ve included a group-share feature, that lets you specify individual recipients and privately share videos with them. Once you’ve been shared a video, you can view it using the app and also participate in a conversation around the content with other invitees.

Check out the video below to see the mobile app in action:

Telly is part of a larger trend we are following called Socially Curated Discovery which examines how content services are using our social graphs to suggest content that is hyper-relevant to their users.

Tomorrow, we will be talking to an expert from Intel about what the future holds for recommendation engines and how they will be optimized to better understand our needs.

Stay tuned!

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