Sourcing Your Social Network To Create The Perfect Radio Station

Sourcing Your Social Network To Create The Perfect Radio Station

The Future of Entertainment series by iQ by Intel and PSFK Labs is highlighting the latest in entertainment innovation. Over the course of 10 weeks at, we are showcase new products, services and technologies, exploring the changing face of how we consume, share and create content and get reactions from Intel experts.

The trend Socially Curated Discovery looks at services that leverage the knowledge of our friends to help us find content that we love. The trend is part of a larger theme called Perfect Channel which explores how new technology is helping us sort through the deluge of content options to provide us with personalized entertainment experiences. Over the next few weeks we’ll be taking a look at new services and some cutting-edge technologies that are working towards contextualizing and personalizing the way we discover new media.

Finding great new music can be an epic endeavor. Pouring through music reviews and blogs while listening to snippets of songs trying to decide if a particular track is worth adding to your playlist can take hours. And if you’re picky, the auditory haul that’s accumulated after all that time may not justify the expended effort. Sure, there are recommendation engines out there that are able to point you in a general direction, but according to Billy Chasen, co-founder and CEO of social music service Turntable, “There’s still demand to listen to music that’s powered by other people, instead of an algorithm like Pandora.” (via Techcrunch)

Piki is a music discovery app that combines a streaming service with recommendations from the people in your social networks to create an experience that is highly personalized. Currently available for iOS and desktop, the app differentiates itself from services like Pandora Radio, a streaming music service that suggests tracks based on a user’s artist selection and a ‘thumbs up/thumbs down’ sorting system. Instead, Piki matches you to popular users with similar tastes based on a few of your favorite songs and bands.

When you start Piki, the service prompts users to get your friends from Facebook and Twitter onboard to help further dial-in your listening graph. Add some friends and the service instantly begins playing their favorite tracks from their ‘pick’ list which. Users can suggest specific songs, artists and albums to their friends and even include a brief note detailing why they think it’s good.

Additionally, Piki gives users control of how influential certain friends are on their music stream. If your friend, Jeremy, has a great taste in music, you can turn up his “Play Frequency” using a simple slider in his profile. Slide Jeremy’s frequency from “Less” to “More” and Piki will increase his influence on your playlist.

As we continue to cover Socially Curated Discovery, we’ll be looking at new ways in which content services are personalizing their curation to better serve their customers. In our next post, we’ll be highlighting a service uses your Facebook and Twitter feeds to send you videos that you’ll love.

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