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4 Cool Inventions from Malaysian Maker Faires

Deb Miller Landau iQ Managing Editor

Maker Faires all over the world celebrate DIY culture and the spirit of invention, creativity and resourcefulness, whether the event is in New York, the Bay Area, Lisbon or Taipei. These Maker events are popping up all over the globe and the projects reflect the cultural and social geography of a place.

In Southeast Asia, Maker Faires are bringing together amazing inventors who are bringing to life their ideas.


Many people in Southeast Asia live in tiny apartments where having a garden is nearly impossible. But a group from Singapore found a unique way to grow herbs using old plastic and metal containers that take up minimal space by hanging inverted from the ceiling.

It’s an intriguing way to give used containers a second life and liven up humble spaces.


Move over Segway.

Commuting around busy cities is taxing, and being crammed onto trains and busses can be hopelessly claustrophobic. At the mini Maker Faire in Singapore, attendees met the Magic-1, a self-balancing scooter that riders can use to weave in and out of crowds.

No driver’s license required — just a good sense of balance!


Also at the mini Maker Faire in Singapore, the B.en.G (Bicycle Energy Generator) transforms output from a traditional bicycle to power up mobile phones. Attendees rode the bike almost 200 miles, generating approximately 10 watt-hours of energy.

Color Def was introduced at the mini Maker Faire in Penang last November. The wearable tool let’s people afflicted with color blindness achieve typically difficult things like differentiating between ripe and fully cooked food.

Look out for a Mini Maker Faire near you for more inventions that can shape the future. Upcoming dates in Southeast Asia are on 11 and 12 July 2015, in Singapore.


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