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iQ by Intel is our tech culture magazine that brings you deeper into the lives of people and the technologies they are using to change the world.

Well-known and up-and-coming innovators, makers and experts inside Intel and from across the industry help us explore how technologies are conceived, how they work and how we can use them in our everyday lives.

Each week, we dig into fashion, sports, gaming, health, lifestyles, the Maker Movement and much more.

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We hope you’ll return often and share the stories that are shaping your future.

Our People

Ken Kaplan
Executive Editor, iQ by Intel
Deb Miller Landau
iQ Managing Editor
iQ by Intel
Luke Kintigh
Intel iQ Editor-at-Large


Writer & Editor, LA Music Blog
Writer, Movable Media
Freelance writer and editor
Contributing Writer
Writer and Fitness Professional
iQ by Intel

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