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Arc Pendant: New Neck Wearable Helps You Navigate Your World

Deb Miller Landau iQ Managing Editor

Imagine if you didn’t need your map navigation tool to talk to you, or you didn’t need to keep checking in with your GPS to see if you’re on track. What if, instead, a pendant on your neck vibrated to indicate which way to turn?

Imagine that pendant could also track your heart rate and pulse, and let you know when you’re overexerting yourself.

Enter the ARC Pendant, an innovative “smart pendant” and top 10 finalist in the Intel Make it Wearable challenge.

“We realized that the neck was a great place to pick up information, things like heart rate and breathing,” said Tom Shrive, CEO of Arc Pendant. He said the pendant was designed to work in real-time, so that the technology can share information on the fly.

“If you’re going too fast on your bike, it might give you a vibration warning,” said James Price, the team’s mechanical design engineer. Or, if you’re running too fast and your heart rate exceeds the optimum zone, a trigger can send pulses to tell you to take it easier.

Designed on Intel’s Edison platform, the pendant is also voice controlled and can be configured to tailor to each individual user.

“We’re making an open platform,” explained Price. “We’re giving our users a load of different sensors and hardware, which they can use in endless combinations. You use the technology the way you want to use it not how you’re told to use it.”


Editor’s Note: Make it Wearable is a global initiative introduced by Intel at CES 2014 to inspire new concepts, fuel innovation and evolve personal computing in exciting new ways. This series profiles the top 10 finalists competing for the grand prize of $500,000. Winners will be announced November 3 in San Francisco.


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