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Arctic Ice Lake Illuminated For Spectacular Photoshoot

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From their blasé attitudes towards extremely cold weather to their casual shrugging off of last year’s exploding meteor, these rough weather photographers from Russia have gone viral for doing what they want when they want to do it.

Now, they’ve done it again: photography  duo Dmitry Chistoprudov and Nikolay Rykov have drilled into a fully frozen lake and installed a super powerful underwater light, for the purposes of photographing their new car.

Overcoming the trials of extremely thick ice, an insanely small budget of 5000 rubles (around $140), and limited access to equipment, the duo, clearly into digging things up, wrote a Livejournal entry detailing the whole process:

In order to capture this eye candy, the duo scoured the online marketplace for a bright enough, affordable enough light, eventually scoring an elusive deal for a 1000Lm torch from a Chinese manufacturer.

Using two separate drills to make a hole big enough to fit the lighting, they even had to wash and scrub the ice back into pristine condition after a crew of ice fishermen wearing spiked boots scratched up the entire surface.

Their success, however, is triumphant: seen at a distance, every crack and fissure in the ice glows like a beacon, reminding us just how fragile Nature’s beauty can seem to even the most hardcore artists.

Images via. H/t PetaPixel

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