Best Phone for Selfies: Asus Zenfone Focuses on Image Performance

Ken Kaplan Executive Editor, iQ by Intel

The new ASUS ZenFone focuses on computer performance and touchscreen camera features for making quick, high quality selfies and GIFs.

Have you ever noticed how difficult it is to capture a good quality selfie using your phone?  The right lighting, background and angle sometimes is not enough. More often than not, it all comes down to the camera technology on your phone.

It’s no secret that for years two and lesser megapixel front cameras on most smartphones have limited the quality of our shameless desire for snapping selfies, but with the ZenFone, ASUS has found a way for owners to take pictures of themselves using the higher quality camera on the back of the phone.

That’s just one of many high quality photo and video capabilities in ZenFone’s so-called PixelMaster suite of feature.

The new line of ZenFones, currently available in China, Taiwan, Indonesia, Singpore and a few other places in Southeast Asia, comes in 4, 5 and 6-inch screen sizes.  The smaller 4 and 5-inch smartphones come with 5 and 8 megapixel cameras respectively, while the slightly bigger 6-inch phablet model boasts a 13-megapixal camera.

The wide-aperture f/2.0 lens helps the ZenFone gather more light around objects and subjects, allowing for natural looking images. The dual core Intel Atom processor that powers the Android operating system helps make the complete line of ZenFones great for quickly and easily capturing high quality photos and video.

In Selfie Mode, ZenFone activates the high resolution main camera on the back of the phone instead of the lower resolution front-facing camera.  Once the number of people you want in the frame is selected, the ZenFone automatically detects when the faces are in frame and snaps three quick photos, which can be saved or shared online.

All Smile mode lets you take a burst of group pictures then pick the best smile from each person and combine them to make one great group shot. Or you can take a series of fast snapped images and create an animated GIF that you can quickly share online.

There’s even Smart Remove, which lets you remove people or object from the background, almost like a professional. There are special Effects and Beautification tools for tweaking and fine tuning images. Depth of Field Mode lets the user capture engaging photographs with sharp, isolated subjects set against rich, softly blurred backgrounds — a look known to photographers as shallow depth of field — that is usually only possible with dedicated, high-end cameras.

Low-light Mode and Time Rewind are special features available on the ZenFone 5 and 6.

For poorly lit situations, Low-light Mode increases the camera’s light sensitivity by up to 400% and contrast up to 200%, resulting in clear and bright pictures, all without the need for a flash. It also works when recording video. And with the Electronic Image Stabilizer (EIS), low-light photos turn out sharper.

Action photography can be challenging due to subject motion, but Time Rewind makes capturing that perfect moment easier. By automatically taking a flurry of pictures before and after the user presses the shutter button, the ZenFone increases your chances of getting that perfect freeze frame. After taking the photo, the user can “go back in time” using an easy-to-use interface to select the best shot, or can simply choose to save all of the available shots captured by the camera.

While built for taking great photos and video, the ZenFone also has computing performance to run robust apps and surf the Web while going easy on battery life. It also looks great. The rear of the phone has a special smooth-textured rubberized coating comes in a variety of color choices and are easily interchangeable, if visual variety is the spice in your life.

Each ZenFone has a MicroSD card reader, so digital collections can be stored and shared with other devices. They also can take two SIM cards, allowing you to merge your work number with your personal phone service.

If that’s not enough, the ZenFone even has Glovetouch technology, which allows you to control the device even when you’re wearing gloves. So you glove wearing moped drivers and rough weather friends, you no longer need to buy special touchscreen sensitive gloves.

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