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CGI Short Turns LA into A Giant, Empty Skate Park

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We’ve seen a lot of crazy stuff created with CGI — from a kid’s imaginative playthings to giant robots to explosions in Times Square — but computer graphics can be used just as creatively to remove objects, to stunning effect. Filmmaker Russel Houghten shot, directed and edited a skate video called Urban Isolation, using CGI to wipe away all the cars in L.A. The effect transforms the City of Angels into an eerily beautiful ghost town, complete will rolling tumbleweeds.

Far from unsettling, the emptiness actually makes this ghost town a paradise for skaters. The stars of Urban Isolation grind on highway barriers and kickflip down exit ramps without a care in the world.

If Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater taught us anything, an evacuated city makes for a top-notch skate fantasy, since using bridge supports as a quarter pipe isn’t exactly accepted by society. This fact makes it all the more impressive that Houghten and his cohorts were able to get the footage in the first place, never mind the hours of intensive editing that went into spiriting away L.A.’s gridlock.

All of the effort that went into sneakily shooting and meticulously editing Urban Isolation earned the film first place in the REDirect Skateboard Cinematography Competition and The Berricks skateboarding site. Houghten is also selling prints on his website, the proceeds of which will be donated to L.A. animal shelters.

Skate over to Houghten’s website to see more of his video and photography work, or to support homeless animals by buying a print.

h/t Laughing Squid 

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