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Dive Into the Make It Wearable Challenge Development Track

Sukh Dhillon Writer

On Tuesday, May 13th Intel will launch the Development Track of the “Make It Wearable” Challenge. It’s geared towards fostering growth and rapid development of the Wearables ecosystem. It’s aimed at getting everyone involved with building the next great Wearables business.

“We’re seeing a lot of businesses start right now,” said Becky Stern of Adafruit Industries, a leading provider of parts and inspiration in the Maker and Wearable communities.

“It’s a really good time to get involved with wearable electronics. There’s a shift now sensors are super small, parts are cheap enough, batteries are small enough. It’s a fertile time and anything is possible. Any good idea you have, you have a shot at trying to make it real.”

Wearables are a growing segment of industy, from onesies that tell you when your baby is hungry to bracelets that double as a smart watch. Intel wants to help innovators across Wellness, Fashion, Fitness, Education and many other verticals develop new businesses.

“We believe that there are lots of ideas that may be born in garages and in classrooms, and the Development Track of the Wearable Challenge is an opportunity for us to enable innovators, engineers, makers, and scientists to bring their ideas to life,” said Courtnee Westendorf, Vice President of Marketing at Intel.

The “Make It Wearable” development track consists of 3 rounds and the grand prize winner will receive $500,000 to develop their idea, with US$200,000 and $100,000 awarded to second and third place winners. Rules for entry allow for a wide variety of participants. As long as you are over 13 and have not previously raised more than $5,000,000 for your wearable idea, you can enter the challenge.

Those who make it to the semifinal round (Round 2)  receive mentoring and guidance from Intel to help them shape every aspect of their business, from marketing to product design to strategy.

Then 10 finalists who make it to Round 3 will have their team go through an intensive incubation process, including virtual Lean Startup education from UC Berkeley that can serve as a catalyst to move from a great product to a truly sustainable business.

Success in the Development Track requires a combination of vision, discipline, innovation and aesthetics. Entrants are judged not only on the strength of their idea, but also the technology, how well the team works together, and it goes without saying, the product design. After all Wearables are made to be seen, whether that be as jewelry or clothing.

For the right person the ‘Make It Wearable’ Development Track is the opportunity of a lifetime.  Visit to see if that person is you.


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