Drone Videography Peers into the World of Extreme Sports

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drone photography

Filmmaker Aaron Mendez is trained in specialized camera skills like steadicam operation and underwater videography, though being a master of the land and the sea doesn’t seem to be enough for him. The videographer has since taken to the sky with the aid of drone photography, highlighted in his short film, “Operating in the Air.”

Mendez’s drone’s-eye view footage captures a series of military drills, high-octane sports and even fishing — together compiled into one cinematic clip.

drone photography

The reel shows snippets of Mendez’s upcoming projects, too, including explorations of beaches, paintball fields and military hangars.

drone photography

The footage illustrates that he’s honing the craft of drone photography, switching from impossible crane-like shots to a steady camera that can easily pass through windows and across canals.

drone photography

“Operating in the Air” is a thrilling showcase of how drones can be tastefully implemented for some next-level athletic filming. We can only hope Mendez will bring his gear over to the next iteration of the X Games.

drone photography

Hover over to Mendez’s website to see more of his varied video projects.


By Beckett Mufson | Twitter: @beckettmufson

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