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Taylor Bloom Writer, SportTechie
Football Live app

With the biggest soccer gathering of the year under way in Brazil, fans from all over the planet eagerly await the opportunity to watch their nation’s team compete on a global stage.

If previous trends of major live sports events hold true, this will be the most watched event ever. However, television is only one of the screens that people will use to watch their favorite matches, news and highlights.

Second screen apps have become a mainstay for sports fans to follow their teams wherever an internet or mobile data network connection is available.

For this year’s soccer tournament in Brazil, Intel has considered the second screen viewing habits of fans and launched the Football LIVE App intended for seven-inch and bigger tablets powered by Intel processors. The app delivers easy to access, real-time info to enrich TV viewing experiences and stay up on the action while on the go.

“The Football LIVE Android Tablet App (Soccer LIVE in North America) provides a second screen experience for soccer fans globally. Eric King, director of strategic development for Intel’s Tablets organization.

The app provides access to news, video and live sports scores like other apps provide, but this second screen app stands out for the “during-game experience” it provides, said King.

“Fans can be watching the game on a larger screen and refer to the Football LIVE app from time to time to get info on players, updated game statistics beyond just the score, participate in polls and trivia questions and to interact socially.”

The Football LIVE app allows fans to watch their country’s team on television and simultaneously pull up extra information, including related video highlights and interviews, social media, team and player details and news feeds, all focused on their interests. Not only will fans catch every moment of their favorite match on TV, but they will be able to chase their curiosities for more information and join live online discussion.

“Fans can participate in polls and answer trivia questions that earn points when answered correctly,” said King.  “You will be able to predict who will score the next goal or win the game and see what other fans think as well and earn points for correct answers. Points earned for correct answers create their own competition that can be followed on the app’s Leaderboard.”

Football Live app

When using the LIVE App fans can also use the camera on their tablet to share pictures of their allegiances from the office, on the couch or at the local sports bar. This provides an excellent social experience for any selfie-loving fan base to share images and interact with other fans from all over the world.

Fans can use the LIVE App to stay organized and keep up with all of the happenings throughout the tournament. The app contains an easy to navigate schedule where all of the matchups can be viewed and a live game timeline of every goal, penalty, and substitution from every game will keep fans privy to all the events of the games, whether they are watching them on TV or not.

Football Live app

Related news feeds in the app help keep fans up to date on coverage of every storyline as games unfold.

As billions of fans (let that sink in for a second) watch from their televisions, they will enjoy the supplemental features that the LIVE App offers and not miss a single moment of the Beautiful Game’s biggest stage.

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