Pavlok And HAPIfork Represent Future of Personal Behavior Gadgets

Ilya Leybovich Writer, KBS

What to buy loved ones to bring on better behavior.

This holiday season, friends and family will come together to rejoice and show how much they care, even when it comes to one another’s imperfections. Luckily, there are a lot of new devices that can help improve your loved ones’ shortcomings.

HAPIfork is an electronic piece of silverware that not only helps monitor and track eating habits, but will alert the user when they’re eating too fast through gentle vibrations and indicator lights.

Pavlok is a wearable device that helps users make better choices. Choose a goal, like learning a new language or being more productive online, and enter it into the app — if you achieve your daily goals, the app will reward you with prizes. If you fail, you’ll be penalized with a fine, such as limited access to your phone or even an electric shock.

Lumoback is a personal posture coach for all the slouchers out there. This electronic belt sends a vibration every time you hunch over to help remind you to sit up straight.

Darma is a smart cushion that encourages desk-a-holics to adopt healthy sitting habits by letting them know when it’s time to stand up. It even monitors respiration rate and heartbeat to notify users when stress levels are a bit too high.

With Beam Brush, an app-connected toothbrush, germophobes can say goodbye to bad breath. Not only do its motion sensors track daily brushing activity, including time and movement, but the toothbrush itself acts as a remote control for games on the app while you clean those pearly whites.

Below is iQ’s handy gift guide to the technology that will coerce your loved ones into better behavior.


Graphic designed by Kyle Janisch.

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