IFA 2014: Come See Europe’s Largest Consumer Electronics Fair

Ken Kaplan Executive Editor, iQ by Intel

Intel returns to the IFA consumer electronics fair in Berlin to present its latest products, but this year visitors will get two world premiere experiences: the “Augmented Magic Show” and the “Intel Iris Graphics Roller Coaster.”

Editor’s note: This article was adapted from an original story that first appeared in iQ by Intel UK.


IFA (Internationale Funkausstellung) is a huge event, and it’s open to the public September 5-10. Some 200,000 people are expected to visit and roam the 30 enormous halls packed with the latest computing gadgets, electronics and home appliances, with an emphasis on products developed in Europe.

While some early reports have called out the event’s red-wigged mascot, most experts and analysts are on the look out for the next big thing.

CCS Insight analysts believe wearables will be one of the hottest topics at the show, with more smartwatches, most using the Android Wear software platform, as well as smart headphones, wearable cameras and smart jewelry.

They expect to see new flagship smartphones announced at IFA, ones that feature larger, higher-resolution displays, better front-facing cameras and metal designs, as well as more low-cost LTE (aka 4G) products.

And while they expect fewer new tablets overall compared with previous years, analysts at CCS Insight believe there will be a diversity of tablet designs for specific users or uses, revealing how manufacturers are reaching for new product niches.

That’s all well and good, but beyond the shiny new things, dazzling new experiences await. IFA has created a special app that provides tips for anyone going to the show. For anyone attending the event, below are tips for your visit to the Intel stand in Hall 16, booth 100, and here you can tune into the Intel Newsroom for IFA announcements, photos and videos from the event.

Inside the Intel booth, you’ll find Moulla. He offers something totally different from more conventional magicians. He explores new approaches to magic and wows his audience with techniques that have never been seen before, combining classical illusion with cutting-edge technology.

Virtual reality and the real world become one, allowing Moulla to give his creativity free rein and making the impossible possible.

Visitors to the Intel stand can experience what it must have been like for Indiana Jones to race through mine shafts.

In test runs, several Intel employees had to halt a simulation of an ancient roller coaster ride, as the experience was simply too realistic.

Take a ride on the Intel Iris Graphics Roller Coaster in the video below.

An Intel Iris processor is at the heart of this 3D simulator. Together with a 4th Generation Intel Core processor, it allows users to enjoy a brilliant, brightly colored multimedia experience that is particularly suited to 3D gaming.

The simulator also makes use of the latest version of the Oculus Rift virtual reality goggles, which offer a particularly wide field of vision and are fitted with extremely fast motion sensors.

From a technical point of view, the highlight of the virtual ride is that the Rift Coaster demo used for the simulation is being presented in HD for the first time ever.

The setup also includes a hydraulic system that provides users with force feedback — allowing them to feel the juddering and rattling of the ancient roller coaster and making the experience not just look realistic but also feel realistic.

Think computers are just machines? Wait until you see them running Intel RealSense technology.

By fitting computers with a 3D camera and dual-array microphone, they begin to see the world more like humans.

Intel RealSense technology aims to move you off the keyboard and mouse by giving computers the power to understand voice commands and hand and facial gestures.

Visitors to the Intel stand will get immersed in a PC experience like never before.

As you can see, visitors to this year’s Intel stand (Hall 16/100) are sure to be entertained by the wide range of exhibits and events. The Intel team hopes you enjoy this year’s IFA and looks forward to seeing you at the stand!

Watch the Intel keynote by Kirk Skaugen, Intel senior vice president, live on Friday 5th September at 5 p.m. CET.

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