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iQ by Intel’s Top Stories of 2015

iQ top stories of 2015 - spider dress
by Deb Miller Landau
iQ Managing Editor

From dresses with limbs and flashing lights to adventuring into the far reaches of video games, these are the iQ stories that attracted readers most in 2015.

Readers turn to iQ to deep dive into the lives of innovators and learn more about the technology trends changing our world every day. They come to learn how to use technology in valuable ways, whether it’s powering new experiences or enhancing their everyday lives.

This year, iQ writers explored everything from drones and wearables to people tinkering with technology in basements and workshops around the world. The year ended with a new responsive site design that helps readers find the stories that resonate most.

Here are some of the most read iQ stories in 2015.

spider dress

Future of Wearables

Dutch designer Anouk Wipprecht gave arachnophobes everywhere something to squirm about when her experimental Intel Edison-powered spider dress came crawling out of the lab and onto the fashion runway. Designers like Wipprecht keep us looking into the future with stories like Edge of Wearables: When Will Society Take the Ultimate Leap?

Grace Hopper and the UNIVAC computer

Mothers of Invention

Few women in history have made a greater impact on technology and science as Grace Hopper, who paved the way for women everywhere with her pioneering work in programming the first large-scale digital computer. Thanks to her work, people from diverse backgrounds are embracing careers in science, technology, engineering and math — the STEM fields — including eight Intel engineers who are breaking the mold.

iQ top stories of 2015 - drone technology

Flying Robots

Drones became infinitely cool and awe-inspiring in 2015. iQ started the year looking at All Things Flying at CES and watched how drone technology inspired the first-ever international flying robot film festival, how drones are being used to do many interesting things, including bringing about social change.

Speeding Across Mars

Eyeballs popped and skin tingled as people watched an 8-minute time lapse of the Mars Opportunity taking a painstaking 11-year, 26-mile journey across the red planet. Among the rover’s lofty goals: help determine if there’s ever been life on Mars, what the climate and geology are like, and to prepare for human exploration.

Future of Mobile

Intel’s Aicha Evans spends her days thinking about how 5G technology will bring new wireless dimensions and capabilities to everyone on the planet. From powering smartphones from Dubai to Denver, to feeding the ever-growing Internet of Things, 5G technology is changing the way the world operates.

female gamer in esports competition

eSports Skyrockets

In 2015, iQ went behind the scenes with Intel Extreme Masters maestro Michal Bilcharz and a feature-length documentary called All Work All Play ventured into the ever-growing world of eSports. iQ took an in-depth look at the Rise of Women in eSports, along with a deeper dive into the Future of eSports.

People Pushing Technology

From the Microscopic Adventures of a Chip Circuitry Repairman inside Intel’s labs, to a professor making a homemade space suit and a teenager building a smart microwave, to a photographer taking life-size portraits of whales, iQ continues to explore (and be inspired by) how people are building and using technology. These makers and innovators have also inspired Intel to team up with Mark Burnett to create America’s Greatest Makers, a new reality show and multimedia extravaganza that will air in the spring.

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