Wearable Drone Camera From Nixie – Intel Make It Wearable Contest

Marcia Hansen Writer

Transatlantic entrepreneurs take activity tracking and selfies up a notch with creation of a wearable, drone-like camera.

In the past few years, smartphones with high-quality cameras have eclipsed the market for point-and-shoot cameras. However, Nixie, the new wearable, flyable camera prototype, will give new meaning to point and shoot. This exciting new wearable innovation promises to transform what it means to take pictures from a mobile device.

Nixie will be, literally, mobile.

Team Nixie, a finalist in the Intel Make it Wearable challenge, has created Nixie — a camera that can dispatch from your wrist and, like a boomerang, fly out, turn around, take a picture of you and fly back so you can re-clamp it onto your wrist.

“I’ve been a tinkerer all my life, and I always love being in my workshop just creating stuff,” said Christoph Kohstal, who leads Team Nixie. “Making a drone-like camera, prototyped using the Intel Edison development board, lends new meaning both to tinkering and to photographing the world around you.”

As project manager of Team Nixie, Jelena Jovanovic said, “We all have moments we want to remember; we all have moments we want to capture, and maybe even to share them later. You can take the picture that you wish you had always had, but couldn’t because you didn’t want to stop the action.”

Entrepreneurs such as Team Nixie show incredible innovation and creativity with the possibility to change the market and transform cameras, photography, mobile and wearable devices.


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