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Macbook Pro Notebooks are Stunning Inside

Ken Kaplan Executive Editor, iQ by Intel

Take a look inside Apple’s latest MacBook Pro line of notebooks and you’ll see cutting edge technologies that make it a dream machine for anyone who wants a mobile computer for watching, gaming and creating in high definition.

Through continued collaboration with Apple, Intel engineers have made great strides to meet Apple’s needs by improving processor and graphics performance as well as making them more energy efficient. These innovations, along with a leading edge data transfer and device interconnect technology, have helped Apple design slimmer, lighter and higher performing notebooks with longer battery life at more affordable prices.

One of those innovations is Intel Iris Pro Graphics, codenamed Crystal Well, comes inside the 15-inch MacBook Pro. “It uses a single chip that combines processor, graphics and memory that efficiently delivers a very high quality visual experience,” said John Webb, marketing manager at Intel’s Client Graphics Group.

A closer look at the new Intel Core processor and Iris graphics dies, codenamed Crystal Well, which is inside the 15-inch MaBook Pro.

Review site AnandTech called Apple’s use of Intel’s processor graphics “probably the biggest endorsement of integrated graphics ever.” They are helping improve performance and battery life.

Apple said the MacBook Pro 13-inch will run for up to nine-hours, enough to watch the “Batman” trilogy, while the 15-inch models will last up to eight hours on a full battery charged.

Top Choice Performance

The new 15-inch MacBook Pro with Intel Iris Pro Graphics will be one of the top choices for anyone who likes to edit videos and photos, watch HD movies and play games on a mobile computer, according to Josh Smith, editor of mobile technology news and review sites and GottaBeMobile.

Notebook buyers need to look at the battery life, performance that can handle heavy duty video editing or gaming, and the high resolution screen that comes with new MacBook Pro models, said Smith. “Many notebooks deliver two of these features, but fall short on the others,” he said.

Smith sees the new MacBook Pro notebooks will deliver on all three: performance, long battery life and uncompromising graphics.


“Innovation in Intel’s processor graphics is helping Apple to design higher performing, more power-efficient notebooks as well as all-in-one iMac desktops with gorgeous displays,” said Dan Bingham, marketing manager for Intel’s PC Client Group.

“New Intel Iris Pro graphics are more than double the performance from last year’s Intel processor graphics. This level of processor graphics performance allows New MacBook Pro notebooks to deliver stunning visual experiences plus faster processing of videos and photos.”

Lightening Fast Connectors175242apple-thunderbolt-adoption

Imagine transferring a typical HD movie file from your a portable hard drive to your notebook in less than 15 seconds or backing up one terabyte of data in less than five minutes. New MacBook Pro notebooks make it possible with the latest Thunderbolt 2 input-output plugs that provide improved data transfer rate between Thunderbolt equipped displays, portable storage devices and peripherals.

“It has enough bandwidth to allow you to transfer 4K
video file and stream it to a 4K display simultaneously through the same cable,” said Jason Ziller. “Thunderbolt 2 is the only cable that can do that.”

In case you missed it– Watch the keynote from Apple’s special event today on their latest announcements.

Credits: Header Image Courtesy of Apple

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