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Travel Through an Emoji Vortex with Emoji Zone

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Digital design deviants, OKFocus, have always been pros at creating abyss-like web apps that suck unassuming visitors into their interactive environments not unlike a wormhole or rip in the space-time continuum.

Whether it’s their “No Fish For Nothing” web app for Kenzo, or the real-time image sharing site Dump.fm, the group knows who to hit us with an unforgiving deluge of pixels in way we don’t mind. Thus, their new web app Emoji.Zone is a blind dive into an emoji vortex—just don’t get too lost.

Maybe you’ll see a refraction of yourself in the emoji tunnel. Maybe you’ll find religion. Or maybe you’ll just realize the “poo” icon isn’t as funny as you once thought. Check out the website.


By Zach Sokol

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