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Snowcookie Wearable Device for Skis Can Help Correct Your Snowplow

Deb Miller Landau iQ Managing Editor

Whether you’re a new skier or you’ve carved many mountains, a new device can help you become a better skier.

Anyone who has learned to ski as an adult knows how difficult the sport is to grasp. In addition to the fear of falling to your doom, you are constantly bombarded with information: bend your knees, lean forward, release your edge, carve more, lean left, lean right, use your poles, look ahead. Anyone who learned as a child can usually get down the mountain just fine, but is likely to be riddled with bad habits picked up along the way.

Runners and cyclists have a variety of smartwatches; skiers may soon have Snowcookie. A top 10 finalist in the Intel Make it Wearable challenge, Team Snowcookie has created a device that can help improve a skier’s ability.

Snowcookie founder Martin Kawalski, an orthopedist who’d seen many accidents and broken bones he thought could’ve been avoided, studied the mechanics of ski injuries. He learned that the body could give biofeedback that would greatly improve a skier’s safety and ability.

“It will greatly enhance the way people learn to ski,” says Kawalski. “It will make you a safer, better and more connected skier.”

The “cookie” is a small disk embedded with sensors that attaches to the tips of both skies. The Intel Edison technology-powered device tracks an athlete’s movement and speed, along with altitude, elevation, even G-force. The data is downloaded onto the skier’s phone, so they can get feedback and improve skiing performance.


Editor’s Note: Make it Wearable is a global initiative introduced by Intel at CES 2014 to inspire new concepts, fuel innovation and evolve personal computing in exciting new ways. This series profiles the top 10 finalists competing for the grand prize of $500,000. Winners will be announced November 3 in San Francisco.


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