Wristify Designer Bracelet is Your Wearable Air Conditioner

Deb Miller Landau iQ Managing Editor

Cool those sweaty armpits or warm those frozen fingers with a new bracelet designed to keep you just right.

How many times have you been shivering in the conference room against the fury of the central air-conditioner, or sweating on the overcrowded subway on the way to work? Maybe you’ve experienced the splashy embarrassment of a hot flash, or the general discomfort of being too hot or too cold?

We can control the temperature of a room through the thermostat, can pull on an extra sweater or gloves to ward off cool, but what if we could wear something on our wrists that could instantly cool us down or heat us up?

That’s where Team Wristify comes in. A top 10 finalist in the Intel Make it Wearable challenge, Team Wristify has created a bracelet that controls your body temperature. Using thermoelectric material and sensors built with Intel Edison technology that have learned your personal preferences, the bracelet determines when to give your wrist a pulse of heat or cool. The message gets sent to your brain and your whole body reacts to the adjustment.

“In many ways, we see it as an empowering accessory for people,” says Matthew Smith, founder and CEO of Wristify. “It gives people control over something they never thought they could have control over: temperature.”

Co-founder David Cohen-Tanugi says that if people could control their own temperatures, they’d be less likely to crank the heat or air-conditioning, which has profound implications on the environment.

“From the get go, I connected with this team because heating and cooling is one of the most critical ways to improve the comfort and lives of others,” says Grace Hsia, a Make it Wearable mentor and CEO of Warmilu, a startup that provides therapeutic warmth to hypothermic infants and arthritic baby boomers. ”I love the vision Wristify has of providing relief upon a moment’s notice with such a gorgeous wearable band.”


Editor’s Note: Make it Wearable is a global initiative introduced by Intel at CES 2014 to inspire new concepts, fuel innovation and evolve personal computing in exciting new ways. This series profiles the top 10 finalists competing for the grand prize of $500,000. Winners will be announced November 3 in San Francisco.


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