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World Maker Faire New York Highlights Intel Edison and Galileo

Marcia Hansen Writer
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Imagine what it would be like if your next car was like this innovative, 3D-printed car with Intel Edison or Intel Galileo technology inside.

It would have crash-avoidance sensors, electrical control, lights that turn in/out and on/off, wipers, security alarm, door locks, WiFi, RF start and dashboard digital display running speed, battery and other digital gauges.

You’d be able to turn it on from your smartphone and get an alert if the alarm goes off; it could tell you you’re getting a little stressed in traffic and suggest a nice calming radio station.

It could be your car powered by battery, controlled by Intel Edison technology and inspired by the maker community.

Your 5,000-mile tune up might consist of a mere software download that wouldn’t require a visit to the shop.


Today at the New York Hall of Science in Queens, the Intel big tent goes up to beeps of forklifts and sonic background noise from dropping pallets and the opening of boxes.

For makers, Maker Faire New York is greatest show and tell on earth.

Makers of all types — designers, developers, artists, builders, inventors and crafters — show off their latest innovations. They come to inspire and be inspired by new ideas that might lead to their next great gizmo, gadget or even commercialized product.

Curious to learn how you can use Intel Edison technology?

On Saturday, September 20, Jim Chase will provide an introduction to using Linux with the Intel Edison technology’s hardware, software and cloud capabilities.

Intel Edison board

Chase will share how the new Intel Edison board, paired with a number of expansion boards, can support the thousands of ideas on the cusp of being invented.

There’s lots to see throughout the event, and at the Intel booth faire-goers can get their hands on Intel Galileo and Edison projects, including ConnectAnyThing, Galileo Sea Creatures, Joey LED Cube and Hex Pod Robot.

Jimmy the Robot

Probably one of the cutest things to see will be walking-and-talking Jimmy the Robot, who will be with his maker, Intel Futurist Brian David Johnson.


Have a blast at the show, then join other makers online at the Inside the Blue community.


Marcia Hansen contributed to this story.

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